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Argentine tango lessonsArgentine tango classes in Brooklyn at Dance Fever Studios.  Call 718 637-3216 to register. No partner or experience needed.  All are welcome.

Anyone can learn how to tango dance.  Let us teach you how.  We have tango  lessons in the very basic, beginner Argentine tango dance fundamentals,  up to the professional,  performance level.  Dance Fever Studios is a top NYC rated tango dance studio, with friendly and professional dance instructors.  We have two convenient Brooklyn locations.

The tango originated in Argentina and Uruguay in the early 1900’s.  The three main dances that make up the Argentine tango are tango, milonga and vals. Dance Fever Studios in a top NYC Argentine tango dance studio. Our Argentine  tango lessons are well attended by all ages and from all boroughs. Students come from upper Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens,  Staten Island, and even upstate. The Argentine tango group class is usually a two hour class.  We also do many private tango classes.

Tango lessons are a great way to meet people and make friends.  Tango dancing gives couples a wonderful past-time to share.  Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and confident on the dance floor.  Stop sitting on the sidelines and start dancing today.  You will be so glad you did.

Call (718)637-3216 to register for tango lessons NYC.


This class is for student who have little or no experience with argentine tango dancing.   We focus on partnership, dance connection, musicality and basic fundamentals.

This is a group beginner Argentine tango lesson taught at our Midwood dance school.  We do private and group tango dance lessons.
Studio owner Francis Teri and instructor Noelia Pozo dancing tango at the Ave J dance studio location in Brooklyn.

Argentine tango vals NYC at Dance Fever Studios danced by Noelia Pozo and Francis Teri at the Park Slope studio location.

This class is for students who have taken some tango dance lessons. You should know the cross, forward and backward ochos, and other basic fundamentals. The class will focus on body mechanics, leading and following technique and musicality. We will also do some milonga and vals.

Private tango lessons NYC at Dance Fever Studios. A top NYC Argentine tango dance studio.

Argentine tango classes in Brooklyn

Argentine tango lessons NYC

Tango dance lessons Brooklyn.

Argentine Tango Syllabus For Our Brooklyn Dance Studios:

Argentine Tango Beginner:  basic tango timing, finding the beat, weight change, close and open embrace, staying on axis,   partner connection, tango walk, rock step, dissociation,  pivots, ganchos, ochos.

Argentine Tango Intermediate:  Musicality, walking variations, impovisational side, boleos, ganchos, parallel and crossfoot system, sacadas, moulinetes, barridas, adornos, line of dance, floor craft, practice hold exercises.

Valtz Beginner: Basic timing, difference in steps from tango, circular patterns, line of dance,

Milonga Beginner:  Basic milonga timing, basic step, close embrace in milonga, foot work, ocho cortados.

We strongly recommend that you supplement your group tango classes with private tango lessons to progress more rapidly and not develop any bad habits.


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