Kids Dance Classes Brooklyn

Kids dance classes Brooklyn.

Children’s ballroom dance lessons Brooklyn

Kids dance classes Brooklyn at Dance Fever Studios two Brooklyn dance schools.  New cycle starts Saturday, Nov. 2nd at 10 am at our 3009 Ave J dance school location. No same day registration.  Must register in advance. Your child will learn how to Latin and ballroom dance.  Dances include: salsa, merengue, cha-cha, bachata, waltz, tango, swing, hustle, rumba and more.

Start young,  and the skill of dancing will be with you for your entire life. As adults, we all wish we knew how to dance better.   Most adults don’t know how to dance at all, and regret never having taken dance lessons.  How many times have you been at a party, and when the music comes on, you go to the side of the room, wishing you had some dance skills.  You watch some  other couple salsa dance, tango dance, dance bachata or ballroom dance and wish it was you.  Give your child these dance skills.

Call (718)637-3216 to register for Kids Dance Classes Brooklyn

Kids dance classes Brooklyn

Children’s Latin dance classes Brooklyn

Don’t let your child miss out.  Kids dance classes Brooklyn at Dance Fever Studios will give your child the dancing skills they will have with them for the rest of their life.  Your child will learn how to salsa, tango, swing, ballroom, bachata, hustle and Latin dance.

Dancing is a great way to build a child’s confidence, poise, and self-worth.  Kids dance classes Brooklyn is also a great way for children to learn how to feel comfortable and get along with the opposite sex.

At Dance Fever Studios children’s dance lessons, we start with the very basics of dance: timing, rhythm, posture and body movement.  Our goal is to get every child dancing and feeling confident on the dance floor,  and comfortable with their dance partner.

Once a child has the timing and fundamentals of a dance, we move on to more complicated things like dance patterns and body movement and body mechanics.  Many students do showcases and performances at the end of the class cycle.