Hustle Dance Lessons at The Top NYC Hustle Studio

Hustle Dance Classes in Brooklyn at Dance Fever Studios. All are welcome.  Call 718 637-3216 to register.  Group hustle dance classes and private hustle dance lessons taught daily.  No partner or experience needed. The hustle dance originated straight out of Brooklyn in the 1970″s.  Like swing and Foxtrot, it is a uniquely American dance.  You can not turn on the radio without hearing hustle music.  Donna Summer, Barry White, R. Kelly, Abba and the Bee Gees have produced some popular hustle dance tunes.

Dance Fever Studios is a top NYC hustle dance studio. We teach the very basic beginner fundamentals, all the way to advanced, performance level hustle dancing.  The hustle dance is some times called the Latin hustle and the New York hustle.  Both are the same dance.  Back in the day, when the hustle was developing as a dance, there were a few different versions.  But, now there is only one hustle dance that everyone dances.

Call (718) 637-3216 to register for hustle dance classes today.

This class is for beginners who have little or no experience dancing the hustle. We learn the basic hustle step, leading and following technique, and simple dance patterns.  Our goal is to make you comfortable and confident on the dance floor.

Hustle Lessons NYC at our Millbasin dance school.

This class is for hustle dancers who want to progress to the next level of hustle dancing. The class will stress leading and following technique, body mechanics, turn patterns and other intermediate dance patterns. It is not for beginners.  A student must be able to execute the basic steps naturally, without thinking about it, before they can enter the Intermediate Class. To enter Intermediate classes, you must get permission from one of the instructors.

We strongly recommend supplementing your group dance classes with private dance lessons so that you progress more rapidly and do not develop and bad habits.

Studio owner Francis Teri and Instructor Noelia Pozo Hustle dancing NYC style.


Hustle Dance Syllabus:

Hustle Beginner Class:  four count hustle dance positions, rocking step, weight shifts and body mechanics, sugar push, push and pull, the wheel with 1/4 turns, the wheel with 1/2 turns, crisscross, crisscross with window, cuddle and parallel, cross body lead, syncopated hustle.

Hustle Intermediate Class:  syncopated hustle, lead and follow technique, cross body lead, cross body with track cross, cross body with turns, double turns, shadow position, keeping your line, arm styling, New Yorker, getting in and out of basic, kicks, spins, fans, multiple turn patterns.

Hustle dance lessons in NYC at Dance Fever Studios. A top NYC hustle dancing studio.

Hustle beginner group class in Brooklyn.