Frequently Asked Questions About Dance Lessons:

1)Do I need a partner to take dance lessons?  You do not need a partner.  Most students come alone.  You will meet many new people and make new friends who share your interest in dance.  Dancing with your teachers is also the best way to learn how to dance.

2)How long does it take to learn how to dance?  Every person is different.  We have many students, who in a few months, are going to dance clubs and doing student showcases. The more dance lessons you take and time you invest, the faster you will learn how to dance.  There is no limit to your improvement.  Our goal is to get you comfortable on the dance floor as soon as possible.

3)Private dance lessons or group dance lessons?  Private dance lessons are the quickest and most effective way to learn how to partner dance.  To creat a consistent lead and responsive follow requires personal instruction.  If you are new to dance, and aren’t sure if it’s your thing, start with group classes.   Group classes are great way to meet other dancers and practice what you have learned.

dance lessons in Brooklyn

Private salsa lessons. Kristina and Michael.

4)What are the benefits of dance lessons?  Dancing is a great way to meet new people, get in shape and stay in shape.  Dancing develops body awareness, grace and self-confidence.  It’s also fun and creative.

5)What is ballroom dancing?  Ballroom dancing is a type of partner dance where the couple moves around the floor in a counter-clockwise direction.  Some ballroom dances are waltz, Foxtrot and tango.

6)What is Latin dancing?  Latin dancing is a type of partner dance.  It is usually more stationary than ballroom dances.  Some popular Latin dances are salsa, cha-cha, rumba, merengue, bachata and samba.

7)What shoes should I wear?  We recommend light weight and comfortable leather soled shoes if possible.  Avoid boots and heavy, thick, rubber soled shoes.  Low heels, or no heels are best for beginners.

8)How should I dress?  There is no dress code.  We recommend wearing something light, comfortable and classy.   You can take a look at our photo gallery to see how students dress.

9)Can anyone learn how to dance?  Anyone can learn how to dance.  Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and confident on the dance floor.

Dance lessons in Brooklyn

Salsa students having a good time

10)Do I need dance shoes?  You do not need dance shoes.  Dance shoes are the best type of shoe to dance in, but if you don’t have a pair, any light weight, comfortable shoe will do.  Shoe with sticky rubber are not so good.  Leather soled shoes, or shoes that are not so sticky are best.

11)Who takes dance classes?  We have all ages and types of students. We have adult dance classes and also youngsters.  Please take a look at our photo gallery, videos of group classes and dance parties and our facebook page.

12)How many lessons do I need for a first wedding dance? This will vary with each couple.  Many couple take a five lesson private package.  If you have a very ambitious routine, you will need to do ten to fifteen lessons.  This is also very dependent on how much you practice.

13)Should I come to the dance socials even though I’m a beginner?  Yes. Our dance socials are the best place to learn how to dance.  You can practice what you have learned in class with your classmates in a low pressure environment.  You will also dance with your teachers; which is one of the best ways to progress in your dancing.

14)How many lessons does a quinceanera choreography take? This varies with each party.  The more members in your quinceanera court, the longer a choreography will usually take.

15)How far are you from Staten Island?  Our 20th street dance studio is only 10 minutes over the Verrazano Bridge.  We have many students who travel from Staten Island to dance Argentine tango, salsa, hustle, ballroom and Latin.

16)What is the difference between salsa on1 and salsa on2?  The only difference between salsa on2 and salsa on1 is the beat that you do the break on.  Everything else is the same.

17)What is the difference between Argentine tango and ballroom tango? They are different dances.  The look of each dance, the feel of each dance and the music they are danced to are all different.  You can read more about this in our dance blog.

18)What is line of dance? This is the direction the dancers move in while dancing.  In ballroom dance the line of dance is counter clockwise when looking at the dance floor from above.