Private Tango Lessons

Private tango lessons in NYC

Private tango lessons at our Brooklyn studios.

Private tango lessons are the quickest and most effective way to learn the art and skill of tango dancing.  An hour tango private is usually equal to 3 or 4 group classes.  Whether you are a beginner Argentine tango dancer, or an experienced veteran, there is nothing like one-on-one instruction with a professional tango dancer to help you achieve your goals.

Private tango lessons allow you to learn at your own pace in  a comfortable environment without distraction. It also allows you to schedule lessons at your personal convenience.  With our Argentine tango privates,  you will have your own room.  It will be just you and your teacher.  Many dance studios don’t do it this way.  They over book privates, so that you have to share a room with other students taking privates. There are studios in Manhattan that have as many as ten students all taking privates in the same room. You also have to share the music. So if you are taking a private tango lesson, you may be in a room with 10 other couples,  and only get to hear tango music once the other 10 couples have played their music.

Private Argentine Tango Lessons at Dance Fever Studios with Francis Teri.

We don’t believe this is the right way to teach a private tango lesson. At  Dance Fever Studios you will have your own room.  It will be just you and a top Argentine tango dance teacher.  With private tango lessons Brooklyn, you will advance more rapidly and will be able to integrate more elaborate styling and technique into your tango dance.  For any serious dancer,  private lessons are a must.

Call (718)637-3216 to book a private tango lesson now.

Private Tango Lessons Rates:

• $95 for one 55 minute lesson.
• $425 block of 5 privates tango lessons.
• $800 block of 10 privates tango lessons.

Private tango lessons are by appointment only and are paid for in advance. Private lesson appointments
cancelled with less than 24 hours notice shall be forfeited without credit or refund.


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