Private Salsa Lessons Brooklyn

Private salsa lessons Brooklyn.

Private Salsa lessons in Brooklyn taught by a top salsa teacher.

Private salsa lessons Brooklyn are the quickest and most effective way to learn the art and skill of salsa dancing.  An hour salsa private is usually equal to 3 or 4 group classes.  Whether you are a beginner salsa dancer, or an experienced veteran, there is nothing like one-on-one instruction with a professional salsa dancer to help you achieve your goals.

Private salsa lessons allow you to learn at your own pace in  a comfortable environment without distraction. It also allows you to schedule lessons at your personal convenience.  With our salsa privates,  you will have your own room.  It will be just you and your teacher.  Many dance studios don’t do it this way.  They over book privates, so that you have to share a room with other students taking privates. There are studios in Manhattan that have as many as ten students all taking privates in the same room. You also have to share the music. So if you are taking a private salsa lesson, you may be in a room with 10 other couples,  and only get to hear salsa music once the other 10 couples have played their music.

We don’t believe this is the right way to teach a private salsa lesson. At  Dance Fever Studios you will have your own room.  It will be just you and a top dance teacher.  With private salsa lessons Brooklyn, you will advance more rapidly and will be able to integrate more elaborate styling and technique into your salsa dance.   For any serious dancer,  private lessons are a must.

Call (718)637-3216 to book a private salsa lesson Brooklyn.

Private salsa lessons in Brooklyn at Dance Fever Studios.

Private salsa lessons at Brooklyn’s top salsa studio. Park Slope location.

Private Salsa Lessons Brooklyn Rates:

• $95 for one 55 minute lesson.
• $425 block of 5 privates.
• $800 block of 10 privates

Private lessons are by appointment and are paid for in advance.  Private lessons cancelled with less than 24 hours notice shall be forfeited without credit or refund.

Salsa dancing in Brooklyn with studio owner Francis Teri and Noelia Pozo.  Noelia began taking private salsa lessons 3 years ago.  You can read her story bellow.

Private Salsa Lessons Brooklyn

Me salsa dancing when I was a student.

Bronx Girl Dancing at Brooklyn Dance Studios.

Growing up,  I always finished what I started.  That is rare for a teen girl and young adult in college.  I did everything right: Graduated college with honors, got a job right out of college, started the ball rolling on getting my masters degree.  Life was working out, but something was missing.  I felt unsatisfied and lost.  I felt that there had to be more to life than just going to school and working.  I was looking for something, but not really sure what.  I found myself staying home.  Tired of the same old night and bar scene.  I just kept telling myself that there had to be more to life than this predictability.  I was seeking excitement and something completely different, but didn’t know what.

Then one day, a friend of mine told me about private salsa classes she had been taking at a Brooklyn salsa dance studio.  She said that she was having the time of her life.   She knew I had always wanted to take salsa classes, but didn’t want to pay New York city prices.  She told me salsa is one of the dances they teach at her Brooklyn studio.   She convinced me to go to one of Dance Fever Studios bimonthly socials.  I decided to go.  On my way there, I kept thinking,  what the hell am I doing travelling all the way from the Bronx to Brooklyn?  I wanted to turn around and go back, but I kept going.

When I arrived at Dance Fever, everyone was so friendly, warm, welcoming and could dance.  I always thought I knew how to dance salsa, bachata and Latin dances.  I’m part Puerto Rican.  I realized that I had a lot to learn.  As the night went on, I was amazed by everyone.  Then came the show case.  Francis and a student performed a salsa.  At that moment, I decided “I want to do that.  I’m coming here.”

I signed up for a month of salsa, thinking I’d do it for one month.  After that I’d be able say I tried it, liked it, did something different.  I’d be able to get back to my graduate studies and work, and be a little bit more satisfied with life.  The cycle ended, and I registered for another month.  I kept going, month after month.  I became addicted.  I soon realized that if I wanted to get really good,  I needed to take private lessons.   I started taking one private a week, while going to group classes two or three times a week.   The more privates I took, the less I liked group classes.  The group salsa classes progressed too slow.  Dancing became a huge part of my life.  Sometimes it’s a wonderful thing when life does not work out the way you think it will or the way you have planned it.

In the three years since I started salsa dancing my life changed drastically in great ways.  I lost over 70 pounds.  When I started dancing I was weighing over 200 pounds.  My energy level is way up.  Now, everyone calls me the Energizer Bunny.  I gained confidence that I lacked for most of my life.  I met some awesome people who have become some of my closest friends.  I have a non stop social life now.  I became a dance teacher at Dance Fever Studios. They have two Brooklyn dance studios now, and I run one of them.

Teaching at Dance Fever has been so enjoyable.  It’s a great feeling to see your students learn how to dance, enjoy themselves, see their fears and insecurities about dancing slip away. Dancing has become my greatest passion.  I can not wait to get on the dance floor.  I owe it all the my home away from home, Dance Fever Studios in Brooklyn.  I simply live, love, laugh and dance, dance, dance.  You may see some of my videos our Youtube chanel.

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